MAB Poetry

Hot Cocoa


Ice crystal towers and fluffy white sand

Porcelain eyes and a bubblegum band

Each sparkle atop of her silky brown hair

Echoes of the freedom inside of her air


The whistling winds, there's no other sound 

“Look, Daddy, look what I’ve found!”

The fuel of an ember amid his dark sky

“A pebble!” Her innocence lifts him up high


“Woah, nice find!” The emptiness cheers

Behind his wide eyes are frostbitten tears

Cyclical suns set death of a flame 

Her father lost life; it's a dulling board game


The sight of her smile the source of his glee

The rainbow of wonder the present of be

Corrupted by normal, the blank of his stare 

A call through the haze “Lift me in the air!”


A big running leap, she flies off the ground 

“Weee, I’m a bird!” He twirls her around 

The effortless joy sinks under his skin 

As ecstasy builds off every last spin


Round and round, a gaze in her eyes

Hysterical laughter, hysterical cries

They meet in the middle, a childish giggle

They roll on the floor, a silly snow squiggle


“Tickle torture!” He shouts to his girl

“No!” She shapes a snowball to hurl

SMACK standing still with a Santa Claus face

“I’m sorry, Daddy!” Followed by an embrace


“It’s okay, sweetheart” A kiss on her head 

A gulp of the fog and a glance up ahead

“Don’t lose your friends, happy and crazy

Or else they will turn into boring and lazy


Stay true to yourself that is all that I ask

Something so simple can be quite the task”

“I promise you, Daddy” A solemn abide

“I love you; let’s make hot cocoa inside!”

Soft Cotton Coat


Blank empty slate, cheeks as soft as can be

An infinite spectrum of light he can see

His father rocks him in his soft cotton coat

As his cries disappear with each lullaby note


A sparrow above, three feet that he grew

The clouds, sun, and sky, all delightfully new 

Golden lit grass coincides with the breeze

Wide open field in a city of trees


An innocent laugh as pure as the air

His eyes glow of life, an ego as bare

A skip to his father in perfect stride

Up on his back, open arms, airplane ride


Time doesn’t stop as the boy’s now a teen

Each year of his timeline derives a new scene

Black leather couch, a virtual zone

Father comes down, "Dad, leave me alone!”


Five years fly by, final year of high school

“Son, don’t smoke weed, don’t be a high fool”

Dinner is set, but he's off with his friends

Bass on the high, smoke sits in the Benz


College is lit, LEDs under booze

BEEP BEEP BEEP, skip on class, hit snooze

1 phone call a month to catch up with dad 

Each 1 makes the young man a little bit sad


25 years, the boy is grown up

Past drowning his days in red solo cups

He meets dad for dinner to talk about life

His father explains that he found a new wife


7 years pass till the man finds his spouse

Big money banker, he buys a fine house

One child, a dog, and their personal maid

An outside perspective, this man has it made


42 years and his wife says “I’m done!

You give us no time I am taking our son!”

Rage in his eyes “I do this for you!"

Out the front door, his wife and son flew


Hit the wall CRACK, tears start to fall

He picks up his phone, gives his father a call

“Hey, Dad, I miss you, I need some advice

With all of my money, I can’t pay this price”


“Son, what's wrong, are you alright?”

“No, Dad" A tremble, his eyes filled with fright

"Jess took our son, I’m all on my own”

His father replied with an inspiring tone


“Son, as you grow, your lens it will change

You will start to see life with a simpler range

When I was your age, and mother passed on

I felt so depressed, my heart it felt gone


If only I gave her the time she deserved

If only I took some more time and observed

The beauty of holding her so very close

The beautiful smell she left on all her clothes


Priorities impact the choices you make

Family or money, which one has more stake?

Your time is an asset, you must use it wise

Your family gives love no money can buy


Go tell your wife that you love her so much

Go play QB for your son’s two-hand touch

It’s never too late to start over, begin

Flip a new chapter and learn from the been"


An energy surge, fresh start, the premier 

Humility clears, his clouds disappear

He hops in his car to his sister in law’s

And opens his heart, it's eager and raw


“Honey, I love you so much, can’t you see?!

Son, I’m so proud, you mean the world to me

Please, guys, come home, I beg you, I plea!

Please let me show you how different I’ll be!”


She looks at her sister with a big smirk

A peek at her son then to him 'This can work'

A passionate kiss, embrace ever tight

Illuminate love, it’s a beautiful sight


10 years fly by, rainy Tuesday in June

An ominous phone ring, the time it is noon

A call from the doctor, he says get here quick

Your father is here, he fell, he is sick


The man grabs his coat, books it to the ER

It’s only five miles; it’s not very far

He sprints through the doors to go find dad

The doctor, he says “I’m so very sad”


A trembling mouth, waterfalls from his eyes

As he anxiously runs to his father’s bedside

The man wraps his dad in his soft cotton coat

As his soul soars away with each lullaby note

Power Falls


Infinite power is held by a God

Zeus ruled the sky with his lightning rod

Poseidon, he reigned over all of the sea

God sent Muhammad to set people free


Jesus died on the cross for all our sin

Earth is flat, it couldn’t possibly spin

Alien spirits created mankind 

Take a close look and here’s what you’ll find


Repetition of lies equates illusion of real

Power preyed on weaker who sought to heal

We seek unification and immortal life 

Yet stories of good have created such strife 


Perhaps Gods are real, perhaps they are not 

Think of the known vs what we once thought 

Is there a purpose, a method to madness?

A balance for happy equated with sadness?


Perhaps Gods are symbols to represent good

The highest of judges in could vs. we should

Adam and Eve are a perfect example 

Look through a bible, the stories are ample


Add 'o' to God, take 'd' from the devil

Remember the past to progress up a level

God could be real but warped by mankind

Open your eyes and look at the signs


We fight fire with fire 2 boom sales go higher

When it's water and love we thirst and desire

We're taught from first light to solve with war

Yet we blame our violence on all but the core


The dawn is in sight - corrupt can destroy

Fill darkness with love and water deploy

Patience and peace over anger and hate

It's time to begin, before it's too late


We need to build bridges over clean water 

Global connection - the planet gets hotter

If we can’t solve this, no God will

We must think of humanity - forget the bill


We have the power, we are the people 

We must find it inside or become a prequel 

World peace aligns with love, water and stalls

We are meant to be free, sole power falls

Enchanted Forest


A subtle sound pokes his ear

It isn't far, nor is it near

Encompassing bright evergreens 

Between the pines are sunlight beams


An earthy scent, an open nose 

The dirt sneaks in between his toes

One step, two step, winding road

Brown dirt path, “Oh look, a toad”


The toad it hops in front of he 

Fork in the road “Hey, follow me!”

A glance both ways, a bit concerned 

He asks the toad “Am I disturbed?”


He shakes his head, he shrugs and sighs

Behind the toad, but no clue why

Majestic mist soaks up the air 

The boy can’t see, he doesn’t care 


One more step, sun hits his face

Water’s falling, warm embrace 

Enchanted sparkle, vision clears

He thanks the toad, it disappears 

The Night Falls


Walking in between the trees  

65, it's sunny, feel the breeze 

The denim slide, the canvas crunch

The spectrum shift, a timid hunch


A distant whisper, owl hoot

Majestic whistle, rhythmic flute

Coquelicot, magenta, blue

The sun is gone, the moon is new


Silence sets between the leaves

Fear fights awe as nature breathes

A gentle whisper fills the ear

Behind the clouds, stars disappear


Lost inside the forest night 

Iris closing, endless sight 

The darkness lets the mind fly free 

It’s up to you, what do you see?

Rio Libre


Thoughts flowing fast like the water below

Meandering current one comes in one goes

Rushing with purpose but without a clue 

Bending blockades cannot see the big blue


Down through the mountains into the fields

Cutting through valleys the flow rarely yields 

Powered by nature the rain is its fuel

Intuitive direction is its main tool  


Free flowing water through sunny and gray

Its forces combining with streams on the way

Together they find the path to propel

Alas river reaches the big ocean swell