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The Foundation of MAB

Seven years ago, when we walked the halls of Byram Hills High School, it would've been doubtful for us to have a conversation together. Today, we're bound by what we love to do. Create. Whether it's music, writing or animation, there's something about creating that rushes through our blood. And the hope of sharing our creations with the world - the oxygen we breathe. Seriously. For whatever reason we were brought together, our greatest aspiration is to 

Create & Connect with people across the globe.

"The climb to success is much like climbing a mountain. The higher you get, the steeper the terrain, the stronger the winds, the more exposed you are. If you’re climbing for the wrong reasons, you won’t last. But if you’re climbing for truth, you’ll find the weather on your side. Take it from a man living in his mother’s basement, writing music and creating insect-based worlds for hypothetical compensation." 

- Jon Berry, MAB 

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"Into the sunrise gives us the perfect blend of sounds for a summer hit. This track is another brilliant portrayal of their talent... "

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A&R Factory


"It’s easy to see MAB doesn’t create music as a project of vanity, instead, they orchestrate cathartic aural escapism for the listener... "

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Yellow & Black


"The new track features a beautiful and melodic soundscape drenched in rich vocals that not only demands your attention... "

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