The Foundation of MAB

 We were raised in the small suburban town of Armonk, New York. Yet, the three of us never shared a conversation until 2018, when our passion for music brought us together. First and foremost, we create because we love to create. To us, the limitless nature of imagination is the essence of eternity. But what we hope for, more than anything else, is to create a language that people from all corners of the world can connect with. To decorate the universe with stories and sounds that help us understand each other. Because understanding each other, in our opinions, is one of the greatest kept secrets to world peace.

In loving memory of Alex Katz

11/04/1994 - 11/30/2019


Alex, you were the most inspiring person we've ever had the honor to know. Everything that you opened up to us about, all of your visions and dreams that you shared with us, they’re still alive, every last one of them... in our hearts, in our minds, in the universal winds surrounding us and we're gonna do everything that we can while we’re still here to make your dreams become a reality, because the reality is that this world can be a dark place and what it needs more than anything else, is to be through the spirit of Alex Katz, to feel the inspiration that you carried with you, to see the light of a world beyond on our own that you dreamt and shed onto others and to be blessed with   The Katz Magic Touch.

We love you, brotha, dream on 🕊❤️🎩✨




"Into the Sunrise gives us the perfect blend of sounds for a summer hit. This track is another brilliant portrayal of their talent... "

Keep Walking


"Say Hello to Rock & Roll is fun, it’s catchy, and it highlights the burning passion behind the band’s growth... "

A&R Factory


"It’s easy to see MAB doesn’t create music as a project of vanity, instead, they orchestrate cathartic aural escapism for the listener... "



"This fast-paced new wave rock tune has exciting energy that combines an old-school sound with a modern twist... "

kms reviews


"Usually, I don’t really like high pitched male singing in electro pop songs, but in here? A thing of beauty... "

Yellow & Black


"The new track features a beautiful and melodic soundscape drenched in rich vocals that not only demands your attention... "

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