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The Foundation of MAB

This world can feel dark. We know. We know the pain of waking up with a pit of emptiness in your stomach, a cloud across your mind. We know the endless hours of lying awake at night, victim to uncertainty, all too well. We had big dreams when we formed in 2018 and we’re talking BIG dreams. World peace sums it up. And that still holds true, at the core of our group. Because more than anything else, we wanna connect with you. To create stories and sounds that help us understand each other. And that’s, in our opinions, one of the greatest kept secrets to world peace. Understanding each other. Music is incredibly profound in that sense - its service as a universal language. We might not know anything about Dezeray from Uzbekistan, but if Dezeray vibes with our music then we share a bond. Hey Dezeray, you look great in those jean shorts, don’t let grandma tell you elsewise... lol. We hope our music, our writing, brings you to a dimension where you can let loose, get crazy and escape the constraints of the outside world, a place where you can dream of a better world, a place of peace and reflection, a place where      we can breathe and find freedom in being ourselves.




"Into the Sunrise gives us the perfect blend of sounds for a summer hit. This track is another brilliant portrayal of their talent... "

Keep Walking


"Say Hello to Rock & Roll is fun, it’s catchy, and it highlights the burning passion behind the band’s growth... "

A&R Factory


"It’s easy to see MAB doesn’t create music as a project of vanity, instead, they orchestrate cathartic aural escapism for the listener... "



"This fast-paced new wave rock tune has exciting energy that combines an old-school sound with a modern twist... "

kms reviews


"Usually, I don’t really like high pitched male singing in electro pop songs, but in here? A thing of beauty... "

Yellow & Black


"The new track features a beautiful and melodic soundscape drenched in rich vocals that not only demands your attention... "

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