Pilot: The Secret Council 

Season One

Ep 1: We the Best!

Un and Rodman get invited onto The Four. After Un shares his vulnerable life story and makes love to Fergie, they take it home with an earth-shattering performance.

Ep 2: What the Ellen

 Following their big win, Un and Rodman appear on Ellen. Un is treated to the surprise of a lifetime when introduced to his celebrity idol, Justin Bieber. 

Ep 3: The Real Slim Shady

 The duo sees another side of Hollywood at Post Malone's paint party. After having his fill of liquor and women, Un gets into a heated rap battle with Eminem. 

Ep 4: Kim-Kim

Following the chaotic events of Post Malone’s bash, Un and Rodman look to unwind at the spa. They run into the Kardashians and do hot Yoga with Tony Horton.

Ep 5: Clean the Sea

Horton invites Un and Rodman to collaborate on a top secret project with Elon Musk. In the depths of Space X’s secret lab, they invent the hottest selling product worldwide. 

Ep 6: It’s Sir Un to you

Un and Rodman are showered with accolades for their creation. They celebrate at Queen Elizabeth's tea party, where Un is knighted for his contributions to humankind. 

Ep 7: Ronaldo V Un

The now Sir Un sits with the English national football team for a game against Portugal. Following an unexpected injury, Un heroically spearheads a comeback.

Ep 8: thank u, next

Now the world's most eligible bachelor, Un gets involved with Ariana Grande. Rodman senses that she is cheating on him with a cheeseburger, igniting saucy conflict.

Ep 9: Up, Zen and Outback

A heartbroken Un needs to get out of the spotlight. He and Rodman meet with the Dhali Llama in Tibet and tour the outback with Robert Irwin, which goes terribly wrong. 

Ep 10: Hartless Comedy

Back in the States and still depressed, Rodman invites Un to a stand-up event held by his friend Kevin Hart. After Un mercilessly boos Hart, he takes the stage. 

Ep 11: I Like To Drink Beer

Publicly shamed, Un and Rodman hit the town with Kavanaugh. They run into the Jackass crew and unknowingly become guests on a new episode of Jackass TV. 

Ep 12: The Dragon’s Ballad

Following their humiliating events, Un and Rodman are invited to perform at the Met by Andrea Bocelli with the hope of restoring their tarnished reputation.